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Security for the highest demands! MN cold formed parts are highly valued in the leading automotive production industry for their high load-bearing capacity and precision. We supply parts for car latches, belt systems, brake systems, transmissions, steering, tailgate and hood hinges as well as trunk latches. In addition, MN products are used in e.g. vibration dampers, ABS assemblies, window regulators and speedometers.



For the electrical industry, we supply various parts that are used, for example, in circuit breakers and switches. MN cold formed parts can even be found in small assemblies of highly sensitive electronics. For example, we supply connectors for circuit boards used in complex control systems.

Bau & Möbelbeschläge

Building & Furniture fittings

MN cold-formed parts are also indispensable in everyday life! In DIY specialist centers you will find parts from our production in window frames or door fittings, for example.

Furniture hinges and guides must function precisely. That is why they are often fitted with our parts.

Weiße Ware

White goods

It’s good when it works. In the so-called “white goods”, i.e. washing machines, refrigerators or dishwashers, there are numerous components with MN cold-formed parts that ensure smooth machine operation and a lifetime.

Haus & Garten

House & Garden

Every part is important – no matter how small it is. Even in everyday objects such as folders, files, small electrical appliances or folding rules, MN cold-formed parts are often the component that holds everything together.

Sport & Freizeit

Sport & Leisure

Safety is also a high priority during leisure time. This is why renowned manufacturers of ski boots and ski bindings rely on MN cold formed parts.

Kunststoff & Gummi

Plastic & Rubber

Cold-formed reinforcement sleeves from MN have become indispensable in many areas of application such as instrument panels due to their precision and stability.



In the mechanical components of ABS assemblies, MN cold formed parts are also responsible for safety and functionality. Particularly when it comes to safety parts, renowned automotive suppliers trust in our experience and precision.


Tailgate hinge

For the production of tailgate hinges we supply all movable connecting elements. For these parts, diameter and step tolerances of max. 0.05 mm are important for the function. By means of selecting appropriate material and optimized production sequences we ensure a high product quality and service life.


Roller bearings

In drawers designed for heavy-duty operation, MN cold formed parts are used as roller bearings. There they ensure smooth running and consistently good functionality.


Vibration damper

Cold formed parts are also used as connecting components in steering and vibration dampers. Here too, they must meet the highest quality standards as safety parts.


Timing drive systems

In engine timing chains, cold formed parts from MN are the indispensable components that hold everything together. 1 N.I.O. Part means engine damage.



Stainless precision cold formed parts, installed in tachometers, are considerably cheaper than ground machined parts. A particularly long lifecycle and precise function are also achieved.

Pneumatik & Hydraulik

Pneumatics & Hydraulics

For the hydraulic and pneumatic industry, we supply various parts that are installed in different valves, among other things.