We know what we’re doing

We recommend suitable raw materials in accordance with the application, technical specifications and customer-specific requirements. Our products offer essential advantages over machined parts because they are easier to process and far less cost intensive. We process a broad range of materials, such as cold formable steel, stainless steel, aluminium alloys, brass, bronze, copper and special alloys.

For steel materials, we use crack-tested billets and hot wire crack testing on customer request. Special analyses can be supplied for specific articles if required.

The technical data relating to each batch of materials is verified by a tensible strength test. This is how we ensure the perfect quality of all the raw material stock that is fed into our production process and it also enables us to deliver products with flawless quality.

The test certificates of our suppliers are part of every material delivery. We check the analysis as well as the formation of microstructure, grain size and forming by random sampling.

The tensile strength of each batch of material is verified by a tensile test. In this way we ensure that only defect-free primary material enters our production chain. This is the basis for perfect product quality.